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Create React App recently added support for Babel Macros which makes it possible to run Babel transforms without changing a Babel config.

Most of Emotion’s Babel Macros are available by adding /macro to the end of the import you’d normally use. (assuming you’re using Create React App v2 or you’ve added babel-plugin-macros to your .babelrc) For example, to use the macro for styled, use @emotion/styled/macro. The one exception to this is @emotion/core, @emotion/core doesn’t have a Babel Macro because Babel Macros doesn’t support macros for custom JSX pragmas. There is a Babel macro available for css from @emotion/core if you import it from @emotion/css/macro though.

import styled from '@emotion/styled/macro'
import css from '@emotion/css/macro'
import { css, keyframes, injectGlobal } from 'emotion/macro'


There are some optimisations which aren’t possible with Babel Macros, so if it’s possible, we still recommend using babel-plugin-emotion